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3D Turntable – Charlie, the Robot

This post is in reference to my 3D model of Charlie in Maya 2014. I then out him into a turntable.

The final rendered video was edited on Adobe After Effects with some addition of match grain.

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Texturing Charlie the Robot

After modelling a basic Charlie, I began texturing him. The initial textures were really harsh and and had to be re-done. These are the images of the renders.

After finalising the textures for the model. I began messing around with the lighting.

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A month ago I finished working on a kinetic text animation for my friend’s(‘YONG BUDDHA’) song Child’s Play. I listened to the song and genuinely loved it. Just as I decided to make a kinetic text animation for the song, my friend messaged me, asking if I could do a kinetic text animation for the song. And so I did.

My initial work for the animation, was looking for the “perfect” font. And so these were the fonts I looked into using for the animation:


The font I chose in the end to use in the animation was ‘Kozuka Gothic Pr0n’

I’ll show you the rest of the development process but I never recorded them…. So… Here’s the final video…

You can listen to a snippet and purchase his song on bandcamp on the following link:
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For a class in college, we were asked to create 3D objects on Maya to animate for a pre-viz and comp class. I wanted to make a 3D model of the Kingdom Key keyblade. I had no references towards working on the 3D object other than my personal knowledge of this fictional object… and the one picture I used as a reference. From my own knowledge and the picture reference I acquired through google search, the image below is what I was able to achieve.

After realising that I had no references, I started working on a different 3D model. The model I chose was Charlie. You know Charlie right? No? Well, if you don’t, you can check out this link:

Feeling that I have enough, references (ahem sketches) of Charlie, I decided to work on Charlie instead.

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ITLG Young Innovators 2014 – Introduction

This post is to show my process on how I helped developing a 3 minute kinetic/motion graphic animation under a strict deadline (6 days).

There were 2 of us working on this project:
– Mark Luna [me] – Motion Graphics
– Ben Murphy – Illustrations > (click here to see Ben’s work)

I started production on the animation on tuesday afternoon, and finished on wedesday midnight; then I began finalising the video on thursday.


– Structuring an appropriate story in an hour or two.
– Coming up with a storyboard in an hour or two, or three.
– Listing all the assets necessary for the animation in an hour.
– Creating/collecting all the assets on the assets list before wednesday morning.
– Developing an extremely rough version of the video by wednesday midnight.
– Finilising the video with the selected audio by thursday.

Right after I finished storyboarding the introduction, I picked out the music. The song is called “Graves” by a band called ‘The Color and Sound’.

This was the result.

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The last time I posted on this blog, the blog post was called “Back from the Dead”; then the post after that is this; which is like 8 months later. My bad.

So where am I at this stage of my designing ambition? Well I’ve been busy with a ton of college work. And when I say busy I mean procrastinating. But this time it’s different (I guarantee you). I was able to get an internship with the Clonmel Junction Festival (thanks to college), I am currently trying to learn how utilize Maya, Houdini and Unity for upcoming college work. You just have to believe me when I say that I’m going H.A.M. when I’m learning 3 programs on the side of college. Then ontop of that, I have a big potential side project coming up. Needless to say, I finally got some sense in me.

In reference to my designs and art, I plan on ditching the whole finding an image online and tracing it or vectorizing. I need to change my art style and do a lot more experimental stuff rather than sticking with what I’m comfortable with; can’t be scared to fail at something when that failure is only gonna help you progress.

I’ll link you to some of the stuff I’ve done since my last post 8 months ago:





So I’ve been inactive on here for the past couple of months. Not anymore 🙂

So what have I been doing recently? Well…

  • I had to make a Behance account for college use to which I eventually poured my time onto.
  • The Behance account was used to blog my progress for making a kinetic text animation.
  • I made a couple of flash animations.
  • Designed the UI for a colour picker site for a college project.
  • Had to pour some time into my photograpy.

So as one would expect, I would post my creations on this post…. except for the flash animations and photography. You would have to visit my Weebly site for the flash animations which is…

For the photography, my flickr account,

And here are the rest of what I have done while I was away:

I’ve been trying to be productive so this summer I have quiet the number of projects; these include:

  • 90 Day Drawing Challenge
  • Web Programming
  • AS3 Programming
  • Pixel Art Mastery

And also a working project I’m very proud of….

So that’s it really. I’m Back. 🙂

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Hiatus From Posting

I haven’t posted anything since the end of January. My bad, I’ve been swamped with other priorities of late.

But recently, as part of college work, among my fellow peers, we were told to blog our progress into our college project on the site recommended to us which was ‘Behance’.

This college work was for our CGI module and the project is animating a kinetic text on After Effects. I just posted my first “project” on it so check out my post on Behance –

At the moment, I am considering moving my posts onto Behance altogether. OR. I only blog on behance about college work and leave my hobby stuff on here.. Decisions decisions.

But check out my profile on Behance anyway.. 🙂

‘Human After All’ – Art Development #GGJ2013 #TeamHumanAfterAll

Over the weekend (January, 25 – 27), me and three of my friends took part in an event called ‘Global Games Jam 2013’. So the event goes as; we are all given a theme. And we can take that theme as a guide into developing a concept for our game(s). Games will be presented, and the best ones (17) were to be developed. Whose game is picked to be developed becomes the leader and will have to “hire” people to work. Before I blabber on, our theme was ‘heartbeat’. I had three game concepts: a 2D platformer inspired by ‘Mirror’s Edge’; a top-down game inspired by the movie ‘Crank’; and a puzzle game containing layers of a heart and eventually simulating a hearts processes.

Article written about us on the college website! HERE!!

From all the presentations, I wanted to work on a game called ‘Human After All’ due to its awesome concept. It’s a side-scroller which shares a similarity to ‘Super Meat Boy’ but with different mechanics. It also has a sweet story to it.

My priorities as the artist were as, to design:


  • “Roborto” – Main Character
  • NPC – Normal Person
  • NPC – Fat Person
  • NPC – Woman
  • NPC – Soldier


  • Tiles
  • Background
  • Foreground


    – *Designs were stopped as the story of the game were changed*

  • Trash Can
  • Street Lights
  • Park Bench

So these were my concept art for some of the designs..

I then had to design the environment. These were what I came up with:

Then I did the menu screen. I didn’t like the used design. But I cam up with something weird. But hey, I can re do on Photoshop.

Here’s the link to ‘Human After All’ on the Global Games Jam 2013. And the gameplay of it…