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So yesterday I had a bit of an off day for designing. I found out that if I stay up all night, motivation for designing the next day is non-existent.

So today’s practice was challenging, I decided today I would work on an image of the almighty God, Chuck Norris. I didn’t know it was going to be challenging about half-way through. The blurry-ness and detail of the image didn’t exactly help me out.

Today’s piece is not impressive me thinks, but oh well I’d rather get back working asap.


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DAY 5: Sasha Grey

So today’s post has been delayed, my bad. I’ve been distracted by something else installed on my PS3 😀 So to make up for my commoner-like actions, I decided for today’s post I’ll work on an image of Sasha Grey. This took me a LONG TIME (about 2 hours) and since I was recording I had to edit that video too.

Today’s practice I wanted to stray away from using the burn tool (yesterday’s practice on Ghandi wasn’t exactly DaVinci) so I payed more attention on the isolation of the colours themselves and try not to make it blend with the layer below it.

As I’m writing this I’m uploading the video into YouTube. Once that’s uploaded it’ll be posted here and on my ‘Videos’ page.



Hope the final image is good enough cuz I’m thinking of tweeting it out to Sasha Grey herself. LOL.


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Day 4: Failing Ghandi

So I made a poll in yesterday’s post. I then realized I have no idea how I would go about finding out the results. I was then contacted on twitter about it so I decided to do today’s practice on Ghandi.

I’ve noticed for a while now that grayscale images don’t really work for me, so I knew when I finish this piece it was either gonna look like a masterpiece, or a master piece of shit.

Now this is how I made this fail attempt.

As you can see from the final piece, I ended up making Ghandi look like an old man paedophile. I’m so sorry haha

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DAY 3: Julian Assange

Start of day 3 and I begin today’s practice on a Time Magazine image of Julian Assange; an Australian activist, the founder of Wikileaks.

This piece was a bit harder than the usual image as I had to go through the ‘TIME’ on his forehead.

And PLEASE vote on the poll at the bottom. It basically speaks for itself.

The image at the bottom is the final piece..

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DAY 1 and 2: Start Of A Daily Practice Regime

I’m writing this post in day 2 as yesterday I was mentally exhausted from finishing this piece. Why am I doing a daily cartoonizing “effect”? Because I want to get better at it.

Before day 1 I’ve done a few images.. basically traced out from other images; hence the word ‘practice’. In the sense of being a “failed artist”, I want to get back into my old stride and enjoy what I feel I’m born to do without the dread of feeling shit about myself when I hear of people’s achievements in their respective art colleges.

But first before I get back to the basics, I want to get better at the digital aspect of this designing as it will play a key part of my aim.

Photoshop, pen tool and youtube has never been beneficial! Here are some of the pieces I’ve worked on before day 1..

And this is my day 1 piece..

And this is my Day 2 piece…

“so back to the back to the basics. white t-shirt and some motherfuckin’ asics”

– Asher Roth

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