DAY 5: Sasha Grey

So today’s post has been delayed, my bad. I’ve been distracted by something else installed on my PS3 😀 So to make up for my commoner-like actions, I decided for today’s post I’ll work on an image of Sasha Grey. This took me a LONG TIME (about 2 hours) and since I was recording I had to edit that video too.

Today’s practice I wanted to stray away from using the burn tool (yesterday’s practice on Ghandi wasn’t exactly DaVinci) so I payed more attention on the isolation of the colours themselves and try not to make it blend with the layer below it.

As I’m writing this I’m uploading the video into YouTube. Once that’s uploaded it’ll be posted here and on my ‘Videos’ page.



Hope the final image is good enough cuz I’m thinking of tweeting it out to Sasha Grey herself. LOL.


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