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Weak Attempt at Redemption

I’ve been on and off with this whole digital art thing for a while now. Lately I’ve been trying to get back into that creative mindset. I recently sat a repeat exam for college; that one exam determines whether I progress further into 2nd year, repeat the entire first year, come back in the 2nd semester to repeat that one subject or drop out. ┬áNeedless to say I had to rid my head of worries. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now so the image below is a “cartoonized” image of my main character on DC Universe Online, BanditKidKing. The original image was quite pixelated so I apologize if this looks crap.

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QUICK UPDATE! *12-8-2012*

It is literally 01:37 am and I’m about to go to bed. But before I do so..

It’s been literally 2 months since my last post. I’ll start posting again when college starts. Which is coming soon. Just a little reminder that I’m not going to let this blog go inactive.

And I literally just finished this piece.. another Inbox! Apl & Sark.. enjoy.

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