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‘Human After All’ – Art Development #GGJ2013 #TeamHumanAfterAll

Over the weekend (January, 25 – 27), me and three of my friends took part in an event called ‘Global Games Jam 2013’. So the event goes as; we are all given a theme. And we can take that theme as a guide into developing a concept for our game(s). Games will be presented, and the best ones (17) were to be developed. Whose game is picked to be developed becomes the leader and will have to “hire” people to work. Before I blabber on, our theme was ‘heartbeat’. I had three game concepts: a 2D platformer inspired by ‘Mirror’s Edge’; a top-down game inspired by the movie ‘Crank’; and a puzzle game containing layers of a heart and eventually simulating a hearts processes.

Article written about us on the college website! HERE!!

From all the presentations, I wanted to work on a game called ‘Human After All’ due to its awesome concept. It’s a side-scroller which shares a similarity to ‘Super Meat Boy’ but with different mechanics. It also has a sweet story to it.

My priorities as the artist were as, to design:


  • “Roborto” – Main Character
  • NPC – Normal Person
  • NPC – Fat Person
  • NPC – Woman
  • NPC – Soldier


  • Tiles
  • Background
  • Foreground


    – *Designs were stopped as the story of the game were changed*

  • Trash Can
  • Street Lights
  • Park Bench

So these were my concept art for some of the designs..

I then had to design the environment. These were what I came up with:

Then I did the menu screen. I didn’t like the used design. But I cam up with something weird. But hey, I can re do on Photoshop.

Here’s the link to ‘Human After All’ on the Global Games Jam 2013. And the gameplay of it…


EP Cover: “Electric Pulse”

This my first post of 2013, oh so speshul.

I was asked asked to design a cover for my friend, D-FYN’s EP titled “Electric Pulse”. So this is my reflection on achieving the final design.¬†First off, knowing myself, my initial problem was going to be setting up the typeface and static. The main point of the cover was going to be a dark blue heart all static-y listening to Dre Beats headphones, so that itself for me was going to be handy enough. My first task was to figure out how I was going to layout the actual heart with the headphones. So did a few line drawings of a hear and headphones and to see what it would look like.

After sorting that out, in a matter of minutes or even seconds; I moved onto working on the font. That wasn’t so fun. Needless to say, in the end, I decided to use one of the fonts I already had on my laptop I got for free called ‘Minecrafter 2.0’ (yes I know, I used a minecraft font for a hip hop album). I gave it a glowing effect just to go with the electric theme of the brief.

ScreenHunter_48 Jan. 11 16.00

I had two initial designs for the heart and the headphones. The first with the headphones just in the middle of the heart. But after receiving some feedback, I decided to go for the second design, which was to have the headphones alongside the atrium of the heart. Getting the static effect on the heart was tricky. Originally I thought I had the gist of it, turns out its harder than it seems. Again, needless to say, I downloaded lightning preset brushes to get the effect I so desired. Of course giving it a glowing effect.

It took me at least over a week to finish this design. I am still an amateur designer and should seriously use Illustrator for making vector designs, but for now I’m going to stick with my guns and opt for Photoshop making these raster images.

So this is what I have come up with as my final design.


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