EP Cover: “Electric Pulse”

This my first post of 2013, oh so speshul.

I was asked asked to design a cover for my friend, D-FYN’s EP titled “Electric Pulse”. So this is my reflection on achieving the final design. First off, knowing myself, my initial problem was going to be setting up the typeface and static. The main point of the cover was going to be a dark blue heart all static-y listening to Dre Beats headphones, so that itself for me was going to be handy enough. My first task was to figure out how I was going to layout the actual heart with the headphones. So did a few line drawings of a hear and headphones and to see what it would look like.

After sorting that out, in a matter of minutes or even seconds; I moved onto working on the font. That wasn’t so fun. Needless to say, in the end, I decided to use one of the fonts I already had on my laptop I got for free called ‘Minecrafter 2.0’ (yes I know, I used a minecraft font for a hip hop album). I gave it a glowing effect just to go with the electric theme of the brief.

ScreenHunter_48 Jan. 11 16.00

I had two initial designs for the heart and the headphones. The first with the headphones just in the middle of the heart. But after receiving some feedback, I decided to go for the second design, which was to have the headphones alongside the atrium of the heart. Getting the static effect on the heart was tricky. Originally I thought I had the gist of it, turns out its harder than it seems. Again, needless to say, I downloaded lightning preset brushes to get the effect I so desired. Of course giving it a glowing effect.

It took me at least over a week to finish this design. I am still an amateur designer and should seriously use Illustrator for making vector designs, but for now I’m going to stick with my guns and opt for Photoshop making these raster images.

So this is what I have come up with as my final design.


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Logo Variations For The CRAIC Society

The mini story of how CRAIC was born.

Last year, I was part of a somewhat gaming society in college. The branch of the society I was part of was pretty much neglected by the main branch. After disputes over the summer about new plans for the gaming society, me and a couple friends decided not to go back. As a result, last month, we decided to make a new college society; our own society. We called it, ‘Clonmel Recreational Activities and Informational Society’ or abbreviated to CRAIC. Craic in which is an Irish term for having fun. See what we did there…

As a committee member of this society it is my job to design the graphics for the society. I’m basically the ‘graphics guy’. As being the “graphics guy”, I had to design a logo for the society. This right here was my initial design after which we picked a final iteration. Apparently one of these designs look “nazi-ish” but hey, to each his own. 🙂

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Wanna Know How I Got These Scars?

‘The Joker’ has recently become one of my favourite villains of all time. I recently read ‘The Killing Joke’ and saw some awesome art on it. So as an ode to the Joker, I decided to re-do two of the images on the comic.

Both of these took me AGES to finish so you bastards better like it! 😀 Both were originally illustrated by Brian Bolland.

“My father was a drinker and a fiend. And one night, he goes off crazier than usual. Mommy gets the kitchen knife to defend herself. He doesn’t like that. Not. One. Bit. So, me watching, he takes the knife to her laughing while he does it. He turns to me and he says, “why so serious”. He comes at me with the knife, “why so serious!?” Sticks the blade in my mouth, “let’s put a smile on that face”. And… why so serious.” 

My favourite ‘scars’ story.

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Weak Attempt at Redemption

I’ve been on and off with this whole digital art thing for a while now. Lately I’ve been trying to get back into that creative mindset. I recently sat a repeat exam for college; that one exam determines whether I progress further into 2nd year, repeat the entire first year, come back in the 2nd semester to repeat that one subject or drop out.  Needless to say I had to rid my head of worries. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now so the image below is a “cartoonized” image of my main character on DC Universe Online, BanditKidKing. The original image was quite pixelated so I apologize if this looks crap.

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QUICK UPDATE! *12-8-2012*

It is literally 01:37 am and I’m about to go to bed. But before I do so..

It’s been literally 2 months since my last post. I’ll start posting again when college starts. Which is coming soon. Just a little reminder that I’m not going to let this blog go inactive.

And I literally just finished this piece.. another Inbox! Apl & Sark.. enjoy.

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So yesterday I had a bit of an off day for designing. I found out that if I stay up all night, motivation for designing the next day is non-existent.

So today’s practice was challenging, I decided today I would work on an image of the almighty God, Chuck Norris. I didn’t know it was going to be challenging about half-way through. The blurry-ness and detail of the image didn’t exactly help me out.

Today’s piece is not impressive me thinks, but oh well I’d rather get back working asap.


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DAY 5: Sasha Grey

So today’s post has been delayed, my bad. I’ve been distracted by something else installed on my PS3 😀 So to make up for my commoner-like actions, I decided for today’s post I’ll work on an image of Sasha Grey. This took me a LONG TIME (about 2 hours) and since I was recording I had to edit that video too.

Today’s practice I wanted to stray away from using the burn tool (yesterday’s practice on Ghandi wasn’t exactly DaVinci) so I payed more attention on the isolation of the colours themselves and try not to make it blend with the layer below it.

As I’m writing this I’m uploading the video into YouTube. Once that’s uploaded it’ll be posted here and on my ‘Videos’ page.



Hope the final image is good enough cuz I’m thinking of tweeting it out to Sasha Grey herself. LOL.


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Day 4: Failing Ghandi

So I made a poll in yesterday’s post. I then realized I have no idea how I would go about finding out the results. I was then contacted on twitter about it so I decided to do today’s practice on Ghandi.

I’ve noticed for a while now that grayscale images don’t really work for me, so I knew when I finish this piece it was either gonna look like a masterpiece, or a master piece of shit.

Now this is how I made this fail attempt.

As you can see from the final piece, I ended up making Ghandi look like an old man paedophile. I’m so sorry haha

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