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ITLG Young Innovators 2014 – Introduction

This post is to show my process on how I helped developing a 3 minute kinetic/motion graphic animation under a strict deadline (6 days).

There were 2 of us working on this project:
– Mark Luna [me] – Motion Graphics
– Ben Murphy – Illustrations > (click here to see Ben’s work)

I started production on the animation on tuesday afternoon, and finished on wedesday midnight; then I began finalising the video on thursday.


– Structuring an appropriate story in an hour or two.
– Coming up with a storyboard in an hour or two, or three.
– Listing all the assets necessary for the animation in an hour.
– Creating/collecting all the assets on the assets list before wednesday morning.
– Developing an extremely rough version of the video by wednesday midnight.
– Finilising the video with the selected audio by thursday.

Right after I finished storyboarding the introduction, I picked out the music. The song is called “Graves” by a band called ‘The Color and Sound’.

This was the result.

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The last time I posted on this blog, the blog post was called “Back from the Dead”; then the post after that is this; which is like 8 months later. My bad.

So where am I at this stage of my designing ambition? Well I’ve been busy with a ton of college work. And when I say busy I mean procrastinating. But this time it’s different (I guarantee you). I was able to get an internship with the Clonmel Junction Festival (thanks to college), I am currently trying to learn how utilize Maya, Houdini and Unity for upcoming college work. You just have to believe me when I say that I’m going H.A.M. when I’m learning 3 programs on the side of college. Then ontop of that, I have a big potential side project coming up. Needless to say, I finally got some sense in me.

In reference to my designs and art, I plan on ditching the whole finding an image online and tracing it or vectorizing. I need to change my art style and do a lot more experimental stuff rather than sticking with what I’m comfortable with; can’t be scared to fail at something when that failure is only gonna help you progress.

I’ll link you to some of the stuff I’ve done since my last post 8 months ago: